MAX Investment and Referral Network
The Genesis

One of our foundational objectives for MAX overall is about developing connections within our community. Additionally, “Trade” and “Entrepreneurialism” is a building block of any community to advance and contribute positively to society.

At MAX, we noticed a gap for private investments into growing companies and also, separately, garnering referrals for the professionals within our community.

Historically, we believe that Muslim entrepreneurs and professionals have had to struggle going through more conventional channels to raise capital or obtain referrals versus some of their counterparts who could tap into their respective communities that were well established.

In 2021, over $1.1 million has been raised by companies who presented at MIRN sessions.
What is MIRN?

The MIRN platform is catered to some of our more senior and established professionals and entrepreneurs, and is built on the following foundational principles and objectives:

  • Broaden the scope: interact and build networks with individuals in both their respective fields and beyond
  • Support and help build the ecosystem: be exposed to a whole diverse set of new investment opportunities that are founded or led by Muslims
  • Pave the way: as the MIRN group grows, it is our hope that our more seasoned professionals in their respective industries pave the way for new, rising stars for transition to the next generation
The Platform

Every two months, over 50 (and counting) MIRN members dedicate one of their weekend mornings to hear pitches from different companies looking to raise capital in various stages of their life cycle, as well as learning about how they can benefit their peers through referrals.

The MIRN events provide an opportunity to experience the community’s entrepreneurial spirit, listen in to some amazing pitches, and hear some of our esteemed MIRN members ask some hard-hitting questions. The meeting also holds some live Q&A sessions, concluding with breakout room networking between the presenting companies and the attendees.

In our inaugural year i.e. 2021, members of the MIRN platform have already committed to invest over $1 million to eight companies to companies that have presented, and countless professional referrals – a resounding success in our eyes and something we want to keeping pushing the momentum on!

Collectively, we hope to continually raise the bar for excellence and construct an ecosystem built on support, trust and innovation.

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