Become a MAX Volunteer

Our volunteers at MAX have a passion for the cause. It’s serious work. We have a positive attitude and “No Excuses” mentality. We are all busy working professionals outside of MAX Volunteer work. In our professional lives, most of us put in 50 to 70 hour work weeks. With a smile 😊 and without making excuses, we find the time outside of our professions to do amazing volunteer work for MAX as we are truly passionate that we are building something special and making an amazing impact for our community for not only today, but for generations to come.

Whether it’s the busy working professional with a family of kids and parents they are taking care of, who on top of this is putting in 5 to 10 hours a week for MAX, or the student who is juggling multiple courses, applications, family and MAX work, we have a no excuses mentality, and let’s get the job done. If that’s your positive approach and mentality, we want to hear from you!

Please note that not all applicants will be successful at securing a volunteer role. We are building something special, and the network of volunteers and the MAX network also is a special assembly of individuals that will likely continue to positively impact you for life. Good luck in your application and interviews!

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