Past Events - Gala

2020 Ambassadors Night

The annual Ambassadors Night is an evening designed to hear from senior leaders and network with various MAX supporters (through virtual breakout rooms this year) such as sponsors, award and scholarship winners, advisory board members and more.

The theme for this evening was “The Modern Corporate Citizen in a Post-Covid World”, and we were joined by the following accomplished individuals:

  1. Sahezad Pardhan | EVP and CFO of Cadillac Fairview
  2. Faisal Kazi | President and CEO of Siemens Canada.
  3. Saloua Benkhouya | Vice President, Business Financial Services at RBC Royal Bank
  4. Eman Assem | Logistics Operations Analyst at Niagara Bottling
  5. Zainab Doleeb | Winner of the MAX Dr. Jawad and Husna Khan Medical Scholarship and third year medical student at the University of Toronto.
  6. Shehryar Assad | Winner of the Ike Ahmed University Entrance scholarship and sophomore at the University of Waterloo studying Software Engineering.