Past Winners - Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes and celebrates individuals that embody commitment to excellence in professional achievement, and service, to not only the Canadian Muslim community but humanity at large which will have a deep and lasting impact on generations to come.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The nominee must be a self-identified Muslim, and a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident.
  2. The lower age limit to qualify for this award is 60.
  3. The candidate must demonstrate significant achievement, creativity and leadership in a professional domain and through lasting contributions to the Muslim and Canadian community at large.
  4. The candidate has made significant contributions to their profession and community consistently over the course of their lifetime. Posthumous awards will be considered.
  5. The candidate must embody the vision and mission of MAX, i.e:

– Mission Statement: Recognize, reward, celebrate and motivate high achievement, positive and productive contributions to society by Muslims in Canada

– Vision: Elevate the brand of Muslims in Canada

Past Winners
  • Imam Dr. Abdul Hai Patel (2021)
    Imam Dr. Abdul Hai Patel (2021)
    Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Abdulla Idris Ali (2019)
    Abdulla Idris Ali (2019)
    Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Ingrid Mattson (2018)
    Ingrid Mattson (2018)
    Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Khalid Usman (2018)
    Khalid Usman (2018)
    Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Master Abdullah Sabree (2017)
    Master Abdullah Sabree (2017)
    Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Wahida Chishti Valiante (2017)
    Wahida Chishti Valiante (2017)
    Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Dr. Fuad Sahin (2017)
    Dr. Fuad Sahin (2017)
    Lifetime Achievement Award