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Power Up – Taking your success to the next level

Developed by EY’s Americas Leadership and Team Coaching practice, Power Up is a coaching model and self-reflection tool designed to help women live, lead, and inspire authentically. Introduced through interactive group coaching workshops, Power Up facilitates deep conversations around five focus areas to uncover individual behaviours that accelerate success:
● Project confidence authentically – Exhibit a firm belief in your abilities.
● Own your career – Mindfully take control of your career.
● Widen your network – Identify and engage mentors, coaches and sponsors.
● Elevate your communication – Communicate with clarity, self-assurance and intent.
● Realize your purpose – Know who are and what you stand for.

With a sincere thank you to EY and their training center for graciously hosting this event for MAX, we were so very fortunate to be joined by the following facilitators:
1. Sadaf Parvaiz | Director, Americas Inclusiveness Office | EY
2. Jeannine Pereira | Director, Talent Development | EY Canada